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The Lab (Asia) Limited is a fully independent materials testing, inspection and consulting organization serving the construction, civil engineering, highways, airports and associated industries.

The Lab (Asia) Limited has also established independent management system and product certification services, committed to satisfy customers in an impartial and professional manner. We have developed and implemented a Quality Management System for the management system certification services to construction, manufacturing companies, contracting firms and trading/service companies etc., and product certification service on various products such as product certification of ready-mixed concrete to the product scheme, Quality Plan for the Production and Supply of Concrete (QSPSC).

Our Certification Services

We provide third party professional certification service to our client. The scope of our certification services is continually expanding and covers:  

  • Management system certification for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • Product certification of ready-mixed concrete to Quality Plan for the Production and Supply of Concrete (QSPSC) Issue 8 2014 published by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency 
  • Product certification for other construction materials/ products such as Aggregate for Concrete, Ceramic Tiles, Tile Adhesive, Repair Mortar, Mechanical Coupler and Passive Fire Protection Products, etc  

Commitment to Impartiality by Top Management

The Lab (Asia) Limited commits to maintain integrity of the certification process and implement a management system which is complying with requirements of the applicable ISO/IEC standards, relevant IAF documents, and HKAS/ HKCAS supplementary criteria in demonstrating impartiality in the entire certification process.

We promise that our client will go through an equally arranged certification process and a fair and objective assessment, in which independence, honesty and impartiality is maintained.

Directory of Certified Client

Certified Companies: Please contact us for the details.

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Liability and Indemnity

The Lab (Asia) Limited aims at providing the services in professional manners with due care and attention, and will not be accountable for any claims of losses or damages from a client arising from employing the certification services provided by The Lab (Asia) Limited.

The Lab (Asia) Limited will not be liable for an Organization or any related third party for any losses, i.e., loss of business, loss of goodwill, loss of contract, loss of income, loss of anticipated cost savings, damage to reputation, damages as a result of third party claim that may suffer by the Applicants/ Participants.

The Applicants/ Participants will be liable and will indemnify The Lab (Asia) Limited against all claims, demands, damages, costs, changes and other expenses incurred or suffered by The Lab (Asia) Limited arising out of any dispute or contractual or contractual or proceedings brought against The Lab (Asia) Limited by a third party claiming compensation against The Lab (Asia) Limited as a result of,

i) The certification of an Applicant/ Participant under the Scheme, or the breach of these the “Terms and Conditions of Services” of certification service of The Lab (Asia) Limited by an of an Applicant/ Participant.

ii) The manufacture, use or sale of any products or the provision of any services by reference to the Logo or the Applicant/ Participant’s certification under the Scheme.

Both The Lab (Asia) Limited and a certified client shall not instigate any claim of damages against IAF and its associates including the licensed IAF MLA Members, i.e. HKCAS.

Verification of Certificate Validity

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