Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Policy

It is the policy of THE LAB (ASIA) LIMITED, The lab, to maintain a Management System that ensures all activities and services of The Lab are carried out with control of environmental impacts to the public and the natural environment by ensuring proper handling of waste, reducing energy and resource consumption, recycling used materials and maintaining good practice in the use of hazardous chemicals. The system also aims at minimizing the risk of personnel and stakeholders including customers, subcontractors and communities who may be exposed to Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) risks associated with The Lab’s activities.

This System being an integral part of The Lab’s Management System, satisfies the requirements of International Standard ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018; and is designed to improve The Lab’s environmental and OH&S performance by continual reviews and audits of the system.

Management is aware that all personnel working for, or on behalf of, The Lab have an essential part to play in the implementation and operation of this Management System, and provides all necessary training and resources to support this Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Policy. Compliance with this Management System is mandatory for all levels of personnel of The Lab. Environmental aspects and OH&S Objectives and Targets are set out and reviewed regularly. Compliance with all legal and other environmental and OH&S requirements that are applicable to The Lab’s activities and services is the minimum requirement of Company.

The Lab commits to provide measures to prevent pollution to the environment and to provide a safe and healthy working environment to all personnel by identifying and eliminating all the potential environmental impacts and OH&S hazards. The Lab also commits to the goal of continuous improvement by minimizing environmental pollution and control of health and safety risks providing personnel with the knowledge to enhance health and safety awareness of all.

The Lab keeps our employees, customers, suppliers, sub-contractors and other interested parties up to date with our environmental and OH&S performance. This policy is reviewed annually, and any changes are disseminated throughout the Management Review Meeting and to all employees, suppliers, sub-contractors and other interested parties.

The objectives and targets on the Environmental side are minimizing energy and resource wastage and enhancing a green and healthy working environment in our facilities and activities.

The objectives and targets on the Occupational Health and Safety side are to achieve zero fatal accident and no more than 3 accident cases per year, avoid legal infringements and any subsequent prosecutions and also to provide a healthy and safe working environment in our facilities and activities.