Cleanroom Certification

Cleanroom Certification, Contamination Control and Environmental Monitoring

Life is most precious. We guard our society against infectious agents and drug contamination by providing certification, consultation, and air balancing services to cleanliness-controlled facilities.

  • To our devoted hospital workers, dedicated biohazard research specialists, and diligent microbiological lab technicians, we certify their primary safety equipment (biosafety cabinet) in order to protect them from deadly infectious microbial.
  • To the misfortune of patience relying on the sterile drugs, we guard their drug against unwanted contamination from the manufacturing cleanroom to the aseptic compounding isolators and to the administration.
  • For those lying in the operation theater, we ensure their open wound are continuously being swiped by microbial-free clean air.

Containment leakage test of isolation ward

Air flow & HEPA filter leak test in a cleanroom

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