Steel / NDT

Steel Laboratory

Our Steel Laboratory provides comprehensive testing for a whole range of steel products; reinforcement bars, mechanically spliced reinforcement bars (couplers), steel wire and mesh, steel bolts, structural steel and weld / welder qualifications. Products with expected loads of up to 2,000kN can be tested.

The Lab also boasts a fully equipped machine shop, where steel samples can be prepared for test, in-house under our strict quality guidelines.


The Lab can perform non-destructive testing using a wide range of modern techniques and procedures. The techniques available include Ultrasonic, Surface Methods (magnetic particle and dye penetrant) and Visual Inspection.

The Lab has highly trained and internationally accredited staff working in its HOKLAS certified laboratory, able to conduct a wide variety of testing, from weld procedure and welder qualifications to pipe and tank inspections, and even becoming a part of your team, developing or assisting in your Asset Management program.